Laz - Rhythm Guitar 

Steve ‘Laz’ Lazarus, the silver fox of Beergut 100, Laz plays rhythm guitar, and he plays it hard. His guitar of choice is a Les Paul - often christened ‘Les Dawson’ by the rest of the band. He loves Iron Maiden, Abbot Reserve and West Ham, hates IPA and Def Leppard, and will throw any member of the band out of the room if they start singing anything by Stevie Wonder.

James "Deanyboy" Dean - Lead Guitar 

James Dean. Or Deanyboy to us. Joined the band in January 2014 after we asked him to learn 28 songs in 2 weeks! If there was ever confirmation needed about dedication then that was it. First impressions of James was at his audition. BIG, BIG smile on his face. So having established we have a ‘happy chappie’ in the room we are then treated to some blistering lead playing! Cartoon jaw drops all round. He was in after the first half a song! Top guitarist. Top Bloke, and more importantly......he’s in our band!!!!

Lisa - Vocal Goddess 

Lisa Porter, our ukelele playing soul diva,who we constantly bully and push into singing rock songs!! There are two reasons for this; First, because as a band we like to take the piss and have plenty of laughs, after all, that's what it's all about. And second, because she sings them so bloody well! To quote one punter "Lisa's voice can turn goat's piss into gasoline"! She is what sets us apart from other covers bands and without her we would not be what we are!

Phil - Hits stuff and makes noise

Phil has been with us from the start of 2019 after Nick ran away to Lanzarote to enjoy playing in loads more bands in the sunshine. Phil is bloody talented - not only can he play great drums, he can sing and play guitar! And he's now one of us! We must be the luckiest band in the world 'cos we keep ending up with top people if we ever have to change personnel, which fortunately isn't very often!


Lee is our bass player. Standing at about 6'3" he's as big as his bass sound - bloody huge!! He's another 'top bloke', with the kind of humour that fits in well with us. Loves to 'lean in' with a few rock poses. We are very lucky to have him in the band.